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Bodybuilding >> Muscle Building Formulas >> Xenabol (120cc)  
For a ripped hard and superdry appearance  
Product Code: N1313

Sale Price: $68.95


Xenabol is a muscle hardener and ripper. It will increase your strength some but mainly it gives you a hard water free appearance. You can stack it with Paradeca or 1-Test for a hard vascular building cycle or with liposomal EQ for our extreme building and ripping cycle. Great for pre-contest low carbohydrate diets to keep your lean muscle mass and also works great with Methoxygen

Breakthrough Xenabol is almost chemically identical to the radical hardening and ripping steroid drostanolone propionate. Drostanolone propionate is commercially known as Masteron and Permastril.  Xenabol gives users a ripped, hard and super dry, (water retention free), appearance, and it is among one of the most prized precontest drugs of elite bodybuilders.

Xenabol exerts its’ muscle hardening affects in part by exhibiting powerful antiestrogenic properties and is also a potent non-aromatizing, (won’t convert to estrogen), androgen. Xenabol‘s properties make it a better stack to intensify Paradeca and Decavar’s anabolic effects. Additionally, it can also be used with great success along with Clenbutrx  several weeks prior to a photo shoot, bodybuilding or fitness competition or just to enhance the physical aesthetics’ of your body to "Live Large" at the Beach.

2 ml’s (cc’s) 3 times a day. Take first dose first thing in the morning. Second dose 30-45 minutes before training and last dose right before you go to bed. (If you train in the morning, take first dose before training, second dose 5-7 hours later and last dose before bed.) If over 200-210 lbs (90.1-95.5kg’s) take 1.5-2 times the regular dosage!


Xenabol™ Supplement Facts:

Ingredients: 250mg Drostanediol (5-Alpha Androstane 3 B, 17B diol) Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc Citrate, Magnesium Aspartate HCI, Methyl Sulfynol Methane, Ginkgo Biloba; Vitamin B-6, Lipoject Technologies; Proprietary Liposomal Matrix, Sucralose, Natural Cherry Flavor, Cinnamon Oil and Natural Colors.




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