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Sex Formulas >> Men Formulas >> Herbal Vivid, 90 caps  
The secret of pleasing a Vivid Girl  
Product Code: N1605

Sale Price: $49.95


The Herbal Vivid™ supplements have endured years of scientific development and formulation to combine just the right blend of ancient herbs and all-natural extracts that provide the latest and greatest benefits for male enhancement.

Learn what men worldwide now know - Herbal Vivid™ is a fast-acting, long-lasting formula to improve your sexual performance and penile control right away! You’ll see and feel harder, stronger erections soon after taking your first dose of Herbal Vivid™. Then, continue taking Herbal Vivid™ everyday as a dietary supplement, and you can experience penile enhancement with stronger, harder and even longer erections every time you have sex. You’ll satisfy yourself and your partner every single time you make love. 

You No Longer Need Prescription Medications
The starlets of Vivid video will tell you – Size Does Matter! Now, every man can have the ultimate in sexual satisfaction and self-confidence. Imagine the look on her face when she feels the new harder, stronger you.
If you don’t have erectile dysfunction or serious impotency, you no longer need prescription medications to rejuvenate your sex life and put more power in your penis. Why pay upwards of $20 per dose with prescription penile formulas when Herbal Vivid™ delivers similar benefits for less than $1.50 per pill! Let the other blue pill work for you without embarrassing doctor consultations or prescription filling.

Herbal Vivid™ contains only the finest carefully selected ingredients long researched for their ability to stimulate greater blood flow to the genitals and increase testosterone levels. The unique blend inside every Herbal Vivid™ tablet includes over 25 specific ingredients including L-Arginine, Yohimbe, Muira Puama, Maca and much, much more.

Any of these ingredients alone could improve erections and the overall sexual experience. But, as combined into every Herbal Vivid tablet, you get complete sexual enhancement – from harder, longer-lasting erections, to greater penile control and increased libido and orgasmic strength!

Yohimbe – Increases testosterone. Enhances libido.
L-Arginine (HCI) – Increased blood flow to the genitals for harder, larger erections.
Maca (tuber) - An aphrodisiac that increases sex drive and energy.
Catuaba Bark – Counteracts penile fatigue and impotency. Sex lasts longer.
Muira Puama Bark – Relaxes penile vessels allowing for larger erections.
Tribulus (aerial) - Raises testosterone levels and improves erectile function.
Asian Ginseng Root - Increased sexual desire and energy.
Cola Seed - Increases energy and awareness to have sex longer.
Oatstraw Stalks – Increases sensation making sex more incredible.
Niacin – Produces greater sexual hormones for better sex.

Take 3 tablets daily with a meal.




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